9 best websites to get free vector illustrations for your projects

I love what's going on with corporate illustration today. Every big brand tries to stand out with unique, humane images reflecting the values and the very essence of their product and philosophy behind it. As a result, websites of Slack, Mailchimp, Airbnb, and Dropbox look just as good as some artist's online portfolio. Everybody wins in this situation — brands got engaging websites, and we got our Internet good-looking as never before.

However, when the bar is this high, it's very challenging to assemble even the simplest landing page, because you need to illustrate it perfectly. And if you have no skills in digital art, or have some (like me), but it's just no what it gets you still have options. I'm about to share a list of my favorite websites to get free vector illustrations for your projects — different creators, various styles, but always with stunning result.

unDraw Colorful Illustrations

unDraw Colorful Illustrations

A project created by Katerina Limpitsouni is a massive collection of open-source illustrations available for your client and personal design projects, without attribution. unDraw is my number one in this list because of how big, original, and deep it is. Some artworks are straightforward, common images that would fit almost any project. But most of them are insightful metaphors that won’t stop amaze me with Katerina’s talent and passion.

Ouch Free Vector Illustrations.jpg

Ouch! Free Vector Illustrations

Guys from Icons8 delver incredible amount of free design resources of high quality! I’ve already mentioned their free stock photos website before, and now I want you to check Ouch!, a library of free vector illustrations designed with modern web projects in mind. The best part is you get 17 great sets created in various styles by selected artists of tremendous skills and talent. High-res PNGs are available for free, and vector SVG files — with premium subscription. Finally, I even used Ouch! Illustrations for my website to present Full Access Premium Membership, that’s how I love them.

Unruly Landing Page Illustrations.jpg

Unruly Landing Page Illustrations

Not a library with a fancy website, but a handy set of 20 vibrant illustrations cheerfully designed for your creative projects. Especially the web ones because guys from the Craftwork Design delivered their Unruly Landing Page Illustrations not only in common vector formats but also native files for Sketch and Figma apps.

Humaaans Mix-&-match illustration library.jpg

Humaaans: Mix-&-match illustration library

Humaaans library created by Pablo Stanley is a full-scale generator of vector characters and scenes around them that will help you to construct an illustration for your very special project. It’s available for free download for Sketch and inDesign apps.

Absurd Design - Free Surrealist Illustrations and Vector Art.jpg

Absurd Design - Free Surrealist Illustrations and Vector Art

Absurd Design is something very different. If you’re a fan of the new Mailchimp’s visual style, you will appreciate these surrealist Illustrations. Designed by Diana Valeanu, these vectors will make landing pages, presentations, and apps to stand out without a doubt. To get access to the complete library would require a premium membership, but you can get 11 unique illustrations in PNG for free.

DrawKit - Illustrations for designers and startups.jpg

DrawKit - Illustrations for designers and startups

DrawKit by James Daly is a regularly updated collection of beautiful, customizable SVG illustrations in two trendy styles, free to use on your next website, app, or post. The free section of DrawKit is very resourceful and brings many topical illustrations able to boost your project.

Many Pixels - Free Illustration Gallery.jpg

Many Pixels - Free Illustration Gallery

Almost any tech or design-oriented landing page, blog post, email newsletter, or social media can be illustrated with these beautiful and minimalistic vector images. Updated every week, they make a great source of inspiration to keep at hand and power up your projects.

IRA Design - Build your own amazing illustrations.jpg

IRA Design - Build your own amazing illustrations

An online illustrations creator from Creative Tim gives you the tools to combine characters and objects, adjust coloring with five available gradients, and download final images in AI, SVG and PNG formats to use in mobile apps or website kits free (MIT License).

Whoosh - Free illustrations for your projects.jpg

Whoosh! - Free illustrations for your projects

Recently released Woosh! illustration kit is a great reason to update this hand-picked selection and make the total number of websites get free vector graphics 9. Why is that? See for yourself! It offers 30 beautifully drawn original illustrations with a focus on web and UI design. Pay $29, and you get the fully customizable files for Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, and Adobe Illustrator. But PNG version is available for free download and requiring only a backlink.


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