Best Free Fonts for Product Presentation

When I receive another question via comments or direct messages about what font did I use for this or that cover image, I'm always delighted: if someone wants to use the same font to present their work — I made the right choice. And though it's okay to me to invest some in my releases and spend on fonts, images or references, it can't be more satisfying than when I manage to find the perfect font with appropriate licensing and available for free download.

And please, get me right, I'm not trying to say this is the ultimate top of the very best typefaces available for free download! (or a download without paying real money for them, if you wish). What I want to share with you today is the list of my favorite fonts which I use in my products' presentation all the time. All of them are eye-catching, professionally made, and original to help you to stand out with your products.

arkhip font

Arkhip Font by Klimov Design

I want to open this list with Arkhip, a beautiful geometric sans with really original appearance that grabs your attention and never let go. I'm such a big fan of this font that I've used it for my logo for quite a long time, so my appreciation is entirely genuine. Arkhip brings the basic set of Latin and Cyrillic glyphs, and perfectly fits posters, titles, hero images, and cover image of your next product, of course.

Carosello Font

Carosello Font by Unio Creative Solutions

Good old Carosello is a huge helper when it comes to retro design. It is inspired by the vintage ads and created to give a genuine hand-written impression to your artwork. And it does the work very well, I promise you that.

LOT font

LOT Free Font by Fontfabric Type Foundry

LOT is gorgeous display font with expressive and bold appearance. Like other display fonts, it offers only the basic set of Latin glyphs, but you wouldn't use it for massive paragraphs anyway. The best thing in it for a graphic designer is that LOT is perfect for any overlays: apply gradients, seamless patterns, make a clipping mask for a photo — be sure, it will look great!

Shnobel Free Font

Shnobel Free Typeface! by TYPEMATE

«Shnobel is a Yiddish word, which in Russian slang means a funny big nose! It is very emotional, mind-blowing, odd, wild, funny, extraordinary font!» — That's what creators of the font say about it. So, it shouldn't surprise you if I tell that Shnobel is my first choice when I want to bring some childish and funny mood to your designs. Extended multilingual support and Open Type features will be a nice bonus for every designer.

nexa rust free

Nexa Rust Free Font by Fontfabric

Nexa Rust from Fontfabric is a huge premium font family of almost 100 hand-crafted varied fonts with rich Open Type features and bonus glyphs and vectors. And this extensive pack comes along with a very nice free version including five fonts from bold slab to an elegant script. Though, the absence of some essential punctuation symbols in free version should be noted.

Josefin Sans

Josefin Sans by Santiago Orozco

«The idea of this typeface is to be geometric, elegant, with a vintage feeling, for use at larger sizes. It is inspired by geometric sans serif designs from the 1920s». Though it's almost a century old reference, Josefin Sans looks 100% relevant and modern. If that's the feeling you look for your project, grab it on Google Fonts and create something avant-garde!


Free Kadisoka Font by Letterhend

Kadisoka is absolutely beautiful script font which I use for striking accents in my typography compositions. Light and elegant, it's designed to float and irreplaceable for product presentations.

Bushcraft Font Family

Bushcraft Font Family by Bowery Studio

Bushcraft is a family of 5 beautiful hand-drawn faces, which give you the variety and creative freedom to master showcase and present your work in vintage style. Wondering how to bring rustic, retro feel to your next design project? That's your answer.

Againts Typeface

Againts Typeface by Ramandhani Nugraha

Against is pure passion and motion captured in brush strokes, and brought to you as the most expressive script font. Of course, it can't be a workhorse for your presentations, and it doesn't fit any project. But when it does, the impact is imminent!

henna font

Hensa Brush Script Typeface by Vlad Cristea

Hensa is my first choice if I need more elegant yet genuine hand-crafted font. This carefully hand-painted brush script is perfect for logos, quotes, packaging designs or greeting cards. It contains the basic latin lowercase and uppercase letters, punctuation glyphs, numerals, ligatures and several swashes.

Gagalin Font

Gagalin Free Font by Iordanis Passas

Very emphatic, with a strong hand-written feel and smell of the paint in the air, Gagalin font is not just a comic font for expressing sound effects on paper (though it's legitimately good at that). It's also perfect for titles, bold headlines and creative typography.

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