Procreate Background Textures

I've been working on the iPad Pro for a while, and I love it a lot! It brings so much fun with fantastic apps designed with Apple Pencil in mind! Moreover, since recently I'm packed full with various background textures I've made for my experiments. In a few gestures, I set up a beautiful canvas background to draw some lovely doodles, or a rich watercolor texture to practice in calligraphy (I'm so bad at this).

And today I'm happy to share this set of paper texture, created specially for iPad Pro and ProCreate app. It's really easy to use — import the file to your app, open it and and you're ready to go! That easy. And included JPG formats allow you to use these textures literally with any app you want.


  • 8 paper textures;

  • 20 watercolor textures;

  • 12 acrylic textures;

  • JPG and ProCreate formats.