Graphic Beats: Artistic Illustrator Brushes

This massive pack of Illustrator brushes and symbols is a wonderful conclusion for my Graphic Beats trilogy. It's designed to update a professional designer's toolbox with hundreds of expressive artistic assets. I'm talking about a rich and vast collection of over 330 strokes, speech bubbles, swooshes, splashes and tons of other high-resolution drawings and paintings available a single click of the mouse. Isn't that precisely what you need to create beautiful and eye-catching designs with ease?

Once again I compare graphic design and music, because both of these areas may seem so easy and even careless sometimes, but behind every creative mess or a light, upbeat tune there are always hours of hard work, practice, and polishing. To save you some precious time, I'm happy to bring this giant pack of Illustrator brushes and symbols, crafted with all my love and passion.

File size: 91 MB

Commercial License

Graphic Beats pack includes:

  • 330 vector brushes for Illustrator (CS6+).

  • 330 vector symbols for Illustrator (CS6+).

  • 5 artistic categories.

  • Limitless creativity.

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